Do you have some questions for me?

''We don't know how to pose and feel awkward in front of the camera. What do we do?''

Don't worry there are many people who have the same questions and worries before their shoot. So when it gets to shooting with me, be prepared to laugh a lot, run around, dance, act crazy and just have loads of fun! 

I prefer to keep all my shoots as natural as possible. The best smiles and laughs come from just being you! 

I try my best to make you laugh, I too will do some weirdly awkward poses as I take photos of you, so either way it will be a laugh!



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Moments, those absolute

sweet moments!

The best memories from any wedding day are those beautiful moments. The pure love, laughter and smiles. I try to be as invisible as possible on the day so that I can capture any perfect moments as they naturally happen. You can just enjoy your day and not feel pressured to be perfect, be you and have fun. I will capture everything that I imagine you would want photographed!

Something extra special,



personal and unique.

GIF videos have become one of my most favourite things to experiment with and learn more about. I have noticed how much people LOVE receiving something so personal of themselves that they get to keep and share with loved ones. 

These videos are very easily made, they are created with still images during a normal photoshoot. Nothing extra is needed, just some loving interaction between the couple. 

Adding GIF videos gives you something more intimate to reminisce in, in a few years from now!

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Making the final decision

Whether you are booking an engagement shoot, proposal or wedding, I know how important the decision is when choosing a photographer. The main things that you need to look for is the style of photos, is this what you want your wedding photos to look like, if yes then that is the most important answer. 

I promise to help you make the right decisions for what you have envisioned. If I think we need to extend the time I will tell you, If I feel like the times you have chosen won't give you the end results of that you want, I will tell you. I will always be honest with you and help you make the best decisions.

I want to be more than a photographer you book, I want to create a friendship with you, and know more about you and your stories. We will have fun together during our shoot, if you are comfortable with me it makes everything a lot easier. 

During an engagement shoot or proposal we will have a lot of fun. We will talk, we will laugh, I will get you to do some funny things, it will feel like a fun day out. During a wedding, I will be a bit more discreet, more in the background and not making myself too visible. I want you to enjoy every moment of the day, so I will make sure I do my job and let you be and take it all in. I will help to fix the dress or straighten a buttonhole when needed, however my main priority would be to capture every moment that passes.

ready to start the journey?

Kind Words

Zanthe is the best. She's incredibly friendly, patient and takes amazing photos. She went above and beyond to get the shot (She hid in a bathroom for an hour just to capture the surprise of my proposal!) A true professional, highly recommended!

Lachlan & Shahana

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