personalised gifs

Something extra special, personal and unique.

GIF videos have become one of my most favourite things to experiment with and learn more about. I have noticed how much people LOVE receiving something so personal of themselves that they get to keep and share with loved ones. 

​These videos are very easily made, they are created with still images during a normal photoshoot. Nothing extra is needed, just some loving interaction between the couple. 

Let me personalise your gallery with something that is so different and so personal that everyone will want to get their own. With your gallery of stills you will receive your very own GIFS that you can share with family and friends and keep as an extra memory of your special day. These are short quick videos that you can create into a mini video. If you aren't hiring a videographer this is another way of getting videos.


GIFS are created while we do our photoshoot together. A GIF consists of multiple still images. I need between 7-12 still images to create a beautiful cinematic video. 

During our photoshoot, I will guide you to do subtle movements to create the perfect shots for the end result. 

You will either just walk, dance and jump. Or we can create the closer intimate moments where you play with each others hair, give subtle kisses and just be in the moment together. 


- Add on extra

GIFS are an add on feature to your wedding, proposal, engagement shoot and more. It can not be offered as a stand alone package as we would need to do a normal photoshoot in order to get what we need.

- What you get

  • 6 - 7 personalised GIFS
  • extra images to gallery as we have to take so many
  • personalised mini videos to cherish for a lifetime


Almost everyone wants to add a videographer to capture all the special moments of either a proposal or wedding, however they don't fit into the budget

Adding the GIF option to your shoot

  • The colours and tones of all your gifs will be the same as your image gallery
  • You can create a mini video from all the little gifs you get
  • Saving costs on additional videography services. All you are adding is a small extra cost for the GIF services

Let's get popping and create your love story!

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