29 November 2020

Jessica & Howward

Oh the beautiful Waiheke Island, for this beautiful intimate wedding!

Howard & Jessica were supposed to be married in March 2020, that is when the entire world changed for New Zealanders, that is when we had our first positive COVID-19 case and that just changed everyone's life. Howard & Jessica were supposed to have a big wedding with over 200 guests, they had been planning this for such a long time, but then they had to change their plans. 

Because COVID was not going away and shut the borders from anyone coming in to the country they had to make a decision. Either they wait until this will be over or they have a small intimate wedding, so they decided on the small wedding and made sure to call all the family and friends over face time once they were married. 

It was such a special and relaxed day for the couple, there was no rush, no worries, it was just perfect!