The start of your FOREVER JOURNEY together. Weddings are the one day that is all about the two of you, all about your love for each other and all about your journey that you have been through and what your future journey will look like. Weddings are full of MOMENTS, teary, happy, loving, tender and sweet. I want to capture as many moments as I can throughout the day, because I see more than what you would through the day.

There are so many things going on during the day that you will miss, as all the attention is on you. I will be there when you don't see me capturing all the CANDIDS, lending a helping hand, straighten a tie, fluffing your dress, fixing your hair, co-ordinating the family photos, getting you to laugh as much as you can, have a drink with you and spend pretty much the whole day with you as your best friend.

I want you to be worry free for the day, as a photographer we help you keep to schedule, make sure you eat, hold your flowers, get you a drink and ensure you are having the best day. One of the best things about being a PHOTOGRAPHER is that I get to give you something you get to keep for the rest of your life!

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