23 September 2021

Top Proposal Venues, Auckland New Zealand | Zanthe Vorsatz Photography

Auckland Proposal Venues

Delamore Lodge Proposal | Waiheke Island New Zealand - www.zanthevorsatzphotography.com

The Top 10 Auckland
Proposal Venues

Curated by Zanthe Vorsatz Photography

Glasshouse, Auckland Central

Glasshouse in Morningside is the perfect space to hold the ideal urban city chic wedding. This wedding venue proves to be a slice of privacy and serenity within Auckland city.

Glasshouse is an open and light-filled space which acts as a great blank canvas for you to style as you please. From lighting to draping, the team can help connect you to the right people who will bring your ideas to life.


Minimalistic feature walls provide beautiful photo opportunities onsite, the indoor greenery with added festoon lights creates an intimate and beautiful backdrop for any photo.

The big sliding doors lead you to the love of your light waiting for you, with romantic music playing in the background, and as you reach him he goes down on one knee. This is every girl's DREAM!

Delamore Lodge, Waiheke Island

Delamore Lodge is the epitome of luxury and comfort. It stands proud on the cliffs overlooking Owhanake Bay. Its first-class service and delicious cuisine are combined to create the perfect setting.


The premium facilities and experienced and attentive staff at Delamore Lodge will ensure you leave with magical memories you will cherish forever.

With the most breathtaking views and luxurious accommodation, you can not go wrong. There are many different locations in and around the venue to pop the questions. 

On the balcony of your room, by the photogenic and ever-popular heated infinity swimming pool or the Jacuzzi & Suana which is a favorite haven for all guests. There are many options for you to choose from. 

Maukatia Bay, West Coast Beach

Muriwai consists of two bays or beaches with the Gannet Colony in between.

On the left is Maukatia Bay, also called Maori Bay as it used to be a favorite spot for the local iwi.

Maukatia Bay out of the two beaches is the quietest which makes it perfect for a beach proposal. The beach is not overpopulated by tourists and can sometimes leave you with the whole beach to yourself. 

With the Gennet Colony be just above you to the right you get these amazing photos as the sun just starts going down and creates this amazing glow just peeking over the cliff, and most of the time you will catch some gannets in the background. 

The West Coast beaches are the BEST for sunsets and this is the perfect spot to propose. 

Bali Gardens, Waimauku

This beautiful lush tropical 3 acres private garden with large waterways is in Waimauku, just 30 mins from central Auckland.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and gives you the feels of being in the actual Bali, then this is what you want. 

When you walk into this beautiful venue it is like walking into a completely different place and you will feel as if you are no longer in Auckland and that you have found the most beautiful Gardens in New Zealand. 

With the gazebo that looks over the water on both sides, with some real sea sand which gives the feel of being on your own secluded island is just indescribable. 

If you are looking for something that not many people have had the opportunity to experience, then this is the perfect location to make your partner feel extra special!

Proposal Rock by Helicopter

What better way to ask the love of your life to get married than on a rock in the ocean that you can only get to by helicopter? 

The "Proposal Rock" is a completely thrilling and nerving experience, especially if you don't know that you are going to land on a rock, but as soon as you land and get off you are completely mesmerized by what is all around you. 

It is an experience that only a few people get to have because it all depends on the weather, wind, and everything else in order for the helicopter to land on the rock.

But if the day is perfect, you are very lucky with the breathtaking views, and all you need to do is get off the helicopter and pop the question. 

If you are looking for a way to propose that will send some amazing shivers down your spine, then this is definitely the BEST option to choose. 

Bethells Beach, West Coast 

Bethells Beach stretches almost 2 kilometers along New Zealand’s West Coast and is made up of black volcanic sand. There is a “Jurassic Park” feeling as you wander the shoreline. And as well as being amazing to see, the scenery also makes for some pretty awesome photos!

As the sun is setting you can choose from many different spots on the beach to pop the big question. Bethells Beach has the most beautiful sunset's in Auckland. 

This, along with the stunning landscapes that surround the beach, makes it one of the most beautiful places in Auckland to visit. 

If you want to make a day of it there are many walkways, caves, and stunning sites to see, you certainly won't get bored on your trip.

Little Wilderness, Kumeu

Just 25 km from Auckland, Little Wilderness is a quick retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, melting into the beauty of nature and all the tranquility that brings.

There are many beautiful spots to choose from at this beautiful intimate venue. The glasshouse has proven to be an amazing spot for a proposal, it is big enough for two and is super cozy. 

On a colder windy day, you will be protected and be very comfortable inside. On a sunny day, you will get the sun beaming in to make it an even more beautiful experience. 

Little Wilderness is a place to visit to see the different spots you can propose.&nbs