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Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Shaun & Hannah - Grandparents Farm Wedding

26 April 2022


When you rock up to a wedding to find it is completely different to any wedding you have captured and get so excited to get started! 

The colours, the chilled vibes, the easy going nature of everyone and the fun that all the guests had made this day just even better! Everything was set up by the family and friends who were there and the amazing cake was made by Hannah's mom who did a damn good job! 

Weddings aren't about the white dress, tuxes, best flowers and catering, it is about how you imagine your day and everything YOU want, not the guests that are going to be there. This is exactly what Hannah & Shaun did, they made sure this day was exactly how they wanted with the theme they wanted! And of course they ended the day off with an AMAZING fire dance that was just WOW!!!! That was the best part of my day, to capture all the movement and fire and really challenge myself with something I have never done!

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