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Kumeu, Auckland

Shareez & Alisha

Proposal Ideas Kumeu | Little Wilderness New Zealand -

My first proposal at Little Wilderness and its amazing tiny glasshouse

When I arrived at the venue and looked at it from far I was so amazed how something this small could be so stunningly beautiful. When going inside while the stylist was still setting the last bits up, I could not believe how she created something so beautiful. 

Having a stylist be a part of any event you do definitely makes the photos 100 times better. They know how to make the area feel extremely comfortable yet extremely elegant. 

When Alisha & Shareez arrived at the venue, I could see how happy she was when she saw how beautiful everything looked, and from the time Shareez went down on one knee, there were just the biggest grins on both of their faces and continues laughter while doing the couple session. 

Stylist -

Venue -

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