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Munish & Charmaine

Client                               - Munish

Partner's Name              - Charmaine

Client contact no           - 0211362373

Event Date.                     - 22 April 2022

Event Start Time.           - 4:00pm

Venue                              - Parnell Rose Gardens

Location                          - 85-87 Gladstone Road, 

                                             Parnell, Auckland 1052

Theme                             - Contemporary

Dietary requirements   - None

Drinks                              - Champagne & Water

Proposal Timeline


Event Stylist to arrive at Parnell Rose Gardens to start set up


Photographer to arrive to capture set up 


Couple arrival time (please do not arrive earlier than this)

Park your car and find your way to proposal point


- map below for directions


Proposal Time!

There will be a designated spot for you to propose. This spot is chosen so that the photographer can easily capture the moment.


Couples Photoshoot

The photographer will take you around the venue to capture your couple photos 


Enjoy your time together.

Have a seat, pop the bubbles and enjoy some snacks. 


Event Conclusion - please text the stylist when you are ready to leave so that she can pack up.


Zanthe - Planner & Photographer - 028 418 4996

Jessica - Stylist - 021 083 73131

Venue Map & Mood Board

Venue map - directions to proposal spot

Mood Board - clients vision