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5 October 2022

Best Proposal Ideas 
| Zanthe Vorsatz Photography

Best Proposal Ideas to pull of the most romantic day


Top 10 Proposal Ideas

Curated by Zanthe Vorsatz Photography

Helicopter Proposal - Proposal Rock Auckland

The Proposal Rock

If you are looking for something completely different to surprise your soon to be life partner, then this will be it. The Proposal Rock is only accessible by helicopter. You fly over to the beautiful West Coast Beaches in Auckland.

Your partner will never know that you will be landing pretty much in the middle of the ocean on something that looks to small for humans to stand on never mind a helicopter to land on. 

With the most amazing views that you can only dream of, this is the BEST place to go down on one knee and pull off the biggest surprise. The great thing is that the thought is the helicopter is the surprise, but then landing on this rock and then being asked the big "Marry Me" question tops it all up!

Candle Lit Proposal

You can't find anything more beautiful than a candle lit proposal! 

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