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New Zealand Photographer

Personable New Zealand Photographer

A photographer is there to capture your smiles, grab a hold of the little moments, and blend in. Depending on the situation, you might be spending the whole day with your New Zealand photographer – so why not get one that’s personable, great to be around, and super knowledgeable about photography? That’s what you get when you pick Zanthe Vorsatz Photography.

At Zanthe Vorsatz Photography, I capture the special moments in your life. I always have the biggest smile, and I am madly in love with photography. I offer a ton of different services and I would love it if you’d pick me to be your engagement photographer.

I realized my passion when I was taking some portraits for friends. I was having so much fun and they were in love with the result. They pushed me to pursue this professionally, and here we are! You’ll notice that my passion and knowledge shine through with every picture I take and you receive.

I create stories that people can keep for a lifetime. When it comes to photographs, I believe all those special moments count and need to be captured to be remembered forever. I want every photograph to have a nostalgic memory when looked at after a couple of years. Photographs are an eternal way to relive moments of your life – I always consider them to be time machines back to the moment they were taken.

Learn more about Zanthe Vorsatz Photography when you visit my site. Read about me, take a look at previous pictures I took, and see my full list of services. Reach out to me at any time over the phone or via email. When you’re looking for a personable New Zealand engagement photographer, look no further than Zanthe Vorsatz Photography.

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