Styled wedding shoot in Halfmoon Bay, Auckland

Morne  & Alicia

Bohemian Styled bridal shoot in Halfmoon

My very own and very first styled shoot with my best friends. 

Since it is so hard to convince any man to do a photoshoot I knew If I asked my best friends they would feel to bad to say no (:D) but they both were just so amazing. Of course they are already married so it was sort of like a wedding photoshoot update. 

When I started planning I was thinking of the most popular places to do the shoot but then I thought but why, we both live in East Auckland and there are so many beautiful places to go so we kept it close to home. I am so glad we did this as it just shows you that you can get some amazing photos anywhere you do not have to travel for hours to do a shoot. 

We started off on a walkway path where we had a few people walking through every now and then, then just about a metre away was a park with a beautiful tree and the sunset starting to go down so we used that area, then a few metres further was a tunnel that goes underneath the road to get to the other side so we stopped there, then from there we needed something a bit more with a view so we just drove up the road took a left and we had the ocean and a beautiful view with a beautiful sunset in the background. It was PERFECT. This proves again that you can do your shoots right in your area.