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Lou & Ben

20 March 2021

Charlemagne Lodge Wedding | Tauranga New Zealand -

My first wedding in Tauranga...

Instagram Influencers Lou & Ben definitely know how to plan and style a wedding. When arriving at the venue, Lou was sitting outside on the steps with one of her bridesmaids sorting out the flower arrangements for down the isle, she was the most relaxed bride I have seen in a long time! 

The boys got all dressed up for the photos and then just as we were done , they sat down and played some PS games before having to head over for the day to start. Most relaxing wedding EVER! 

The amount of happy tears that were shed at this wedding was just so beautiful! You could feel the love between Lou & Ben as well as everyone important to them. And just to end the day off on a sweet note, Lou, Ben and the Bridesmaids had a choreographed dance which was just a sweet and beautiful ending to this magical day!!! 



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