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Likith & Sharanya Indian Wedding

6 December 2021

Likith & Sharanya Wedding-269.jpg

My first Indian wedding experience

Man oh man... what an exceptionally beautiful wedding this was. The colours, the traditions, the people and of course the sweet couple Likith & Sharanya. 

I loved everything about this Indian wedding. There were just ENDLESS photo opportunities on the day, I could not help myself by taking countless photos. This album is just a small selection from all the hundreds of photos given to the clients, but everything you see here is how the day went. 

From the orange and red colourful outfits, to the most BEAUTIFUL dress I have ever seen! A dress custom made for Sharanya for her wedding day by an extremely well know designer, Sabyasachi! This dress blew everyone away, the detail and design was just exquisite.



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