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Engagement shoot at Bethells Beach

Joey & Natalie


This beautiful engagement shoot of Joey and Natalie is to this day still one of my favourites. The dress, the sunset, the mood the love and just everything was perfect to me.


The one thing that makes me love this shoot so much is the unconditional love these two have for each other. You could actually just feel the love by the way they looked at each other and the way they constantly were interacting with each other. The other thing was the "perfect dress". This dress definitely made the shoot pop and be completely unique and of course we had a beautiful orange sunset which made the photos just so WOW (if I can say so myself)

Bethells Beach was just an absolute dream during the whole shoot. It did start drizzling as we kept shooting but the sunset definitely came out to show off some beauty. Bethells Beach is definitely on the top 10 lists of places to do an engagement/wedding shoot.

This was my very first ever engagement shoot, I got to do this shoot on a course I did with the absolutely talented team of Wild & Grace, soI can say I have definitely learnt from the best!

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