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Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

Isaac & Venetia - Styled wedding shoot

14 October 2019

Styled shoot on Muriwai Beach on the black sand beach | Auckland New Zealand -

My absolute favourite styled shoot I have done

The reason is because this was during a wedding course I did with the absolutely amazing Kat & Olga from Wild & Grace. Doing this course was definitely the best thing I ever decided to do. I learn some amazing things that I never knew or even thought about. I am so happy that I was trained by one of the most popular wedding photographers in New Zealand, I think success!

Venetia and Isaac were such a young and amazing couple but both were also models which made all of our jobs a bit easier, as they just flowed and made sure that every picture that gets taken they look perfect. I really had a great time working with them during this shoot. 

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