Charlemagne Lodge Wedding | Tauranga New Zealand -

Do you have some questions for me?

''We don't know how to pose and feel awkward in front of the camera. What do we do?''

Don't worry there are many people who have the same questions and worries before their shoot. So when it gets to shooting with me, be prepared to laugh a lot, run around, dance, act crazy and just have loads of fun! 

I prefer to keep all my shoots as natural as possible. The best smiles and laughs come from just being you! 

I try my best to make you laugh, I too will do some weirdly awkward poses as I take photos of you, so either way it will be a laugh!

Moments, those absolute sweet moments!

The best memories from any wedding day are those beautiful moments. The pure love, laughter and smiles. I try to be as invisible as possible on the day so that I can capture any perfect moments as they naturally happen. You can just enjoy your day and not feel pressured to be perfect, be you and have fun. I will capture everything that I imagine you would want photographed!

Wedding at Mantells Mount Eden | Auckland New Zealand -

"Zanthe is great! I love her style and versatility. I appreciate that she is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure she deliveres a great service. When shooting events she is capturing every special moment. Her ability to capture the beauty of nature is also refreshing and inspiring. She is friendly, accommodating, and eager to satisfy her clients photographic needs. Keep up the good work, Zanthe. Thank you for sharing your talent."

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