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Musick Point, Bucklands Beach

Ahmad & Abida

Ahmad & Abida Proposal-32.jpg

The first time I got to visit Waiheke Island

Oh man, how excited I was when I was booked for this proposal, I have been wanting to go to Waiheke Island for a while but never had an idea of what I wanted to do there, and when this came up I was like "that's what I want to do there". 

When arriving at the venue with the stylist I was completely blown away! I could not think of a better place to ask the love of your life to marry you than this place. And the best was he asked her on the balcony of their room! 

In order for me to get the above picture I had to hide in the bathroom which luckily had this big window where you could only see out but not in, it was PERFECT!!!! I did not want to leave this place, Delamore Lodge is definitely a must when you visit Waiheke Island.

The amazing team

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