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Wedding at Flaxmere House, Waitakere

Adam  & Claire

31 January 2020

Flaxmere House Wedding | Auckland New Zealand -

''I am going to Marry the sh*t out of you'' these are the words I will always remember from Adam & Claire's wedding. 

It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot. Arriving at the venue was so great, everyone who was there was just so relaxed, the woman were doing last minute decor, the venue was so different, rustic and just this small great hideaway for an intimate wedding. 

Just before the ceremony Claire & Adam wanted to meet at the corner of the house without seeing each other just to have a quick chat before the wedding, and as they are talking away that it when Claire said to Adam 'I am going to Marry the sh*t out of you' and that was us in complete hysterics.

During our bridal couple shoot we really had so many laughs, you could see that Claire & Adam are just two peas in a pod, they both had so many funny things to say and were just having the most fun I have seen. There were definitely many more laughing photos than serious photos, which made the shoot so much fun. 

The night ended off with such amazing weather and a beautiful starry night while everyone was dancing the night away.


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