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Oh hey there

I'm an Auckland Wedding Photographer

Auckland Photographer Zanthe Vorsatz from Zanthe Vorsatz Photography

this is me Zanthe
The person with the biggest smile
in the room & the one
capturing your story

I'm South African born, raised bilingual - Afrikaans & English. Any documentaries or series about serious police cases intrigues me. I know (weird) but I enjoy the unknown, the suspense and the investigating.

Besides mystery crimes, I love exploring New Zealand, there are so many amazing places to see and I want to see them ALL!

Ok Ok so now my photography background. I started approximately 2 years ago. It all started as a hobby, just something to keep me busy. From there I just loved creating and trying new things. People liked it and started booking me.

When it comes to capturing people, I want to create an everlasting story. They must go back to there photos 10 years from now and be like WOW and just reminisce in the beauty of that special day. 

These memories are a timeline of your life, every image is its own moment and it's own story.

So that is a bit about me, now I would like to hear more about you. If you are ready to introduce yourself, head over here.

Behind the scenes of me

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